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Personal Injury

“I highly recommend Fischer Law, Russ was my attorney; he is understanding, explained things and always kept me informed. Allicia, his paralegal is fantastic and prompt in responding to questions or concerns. Both are personable caring good people. About 2 years ago I was the victim of a hit and run when I was at a stop light on my way home from work. After treatment and car repair I contacted another attorney, whom took my case. After a short time then informed me that they would not be perusing the case and dropped me. I contacted Fischer Law, they were recommended by a trusted friend and business owner. Russ listened to my story and accepted my case. Allicia assisted in gathering all information, paperwork and bills to prepare my case. During this process she was always communicating and answering any questions I had. When it was all together, Russ reviewed the next steps in negotiation process with me. It was not long that an agreement was made with the other party. I am blessed and very thankful for them and all they have done. I am doing well and I highly recommend them.”

“I hired Mr. Fischer to help me recover from an RV driver who negligently pulled in front of my motorcycle and severely injured my leg. The insurance company for the RV driver offered a mere $100,000.00 for an injury that left me permanently disabled. On the advice of Mr. Fischer, we rejected the offer of $100,000.00 and took the matter to trial. Mr. Fischer’s trial skills were outstanding and the jury awarded me $3.3 Million for my injuries. If you need a trial attorney, Mr. Fischer is the only one to hire in Northern Colorado.” – J.S

“I was in a bicycle accident that left me with permanent injuries and substantial medical bills, so I sought the services of Russ Peterman and the Fischer Law Group. Russ and the entire staff treated me like a friend rather than a client. The advice I received during the process was clear and consistent. I always felt that Russ looked out for my personal well being as well as my legal rights. During the entire process Russ and Allicia kept me updated and answered all my questions quickly and efficiently. I am extremely happy with the outcome and the entire process. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. I would highly recommend Russ Peterman and the Fischer Law Group to anyone seeking legal representation.” – J.H.

Criminal Defense

“I hired Mr. Fischer to represent me regarding the horrendous charge of sexual assault on a child. Mr. Fischer fought tirelessly on my behalf and after numerous hearings and rehearings, was able to force the District Attorney to dismiss all claims against me. Thanks to Mr. Fischer, I can live a normal life and enjoy my children and grandchildren. I cannot praise Mr. Fischer’s talents in the court room enough. He prevented the Weld County District Attorney’s Office from ruining my life.”

“I was charged with my second DUI in Larimer County by an overzealous Sheriffs Deputy. Mr. Fischer reviewed the facts of my case and gave me expert advice regarding the best way to confront these charges. Ultimately, Mr. Fischer represented me at a trial on the merits where I was found not guilty. His trial skills were so obviously superior to those of the District Attorney. I was thrilled to have him on my side.”- M.M.

“I was originally charged with a count of sexual assault on a child in Weld County District Court. Mr. Fischer agreed to represent me in fighting these allegations. Mr. Fischer’s preparation was so thorough that at the preliminary hearing, the Court reduced the charges. Ultimately, Mr. Fischer’s diligence in requesting information and filing motions resulted in the District Attorney dismissing the case. If you have been charged with a sex offense, there is no better lawyer in Northern Colorado than Mr. Fischer.”

“In 2000, I was charged in the Larimer County District Court with the sale of drugs. Based upon the advice of my then defense attorney, I pled guilty to a lesser charge. Due to the fact that I was raised in the Netherlands, this charge ultimately resulted in the US government attempting to deport me. In 2011, I hired Mr. Fischer in an attempt to have my conviction vacated. Mr. Fischer was brilliant at the hearing regarding the attack on my previous lawyer for giving me improper advice regarding immigration. His office then drafted an appeal brief which resulted in my conviction being overturned and thrown out. Ultimately, all charges against me were dropped and myself and my family can. now stay in this country and continue to lead a productive life. I cannot thank Mr. Fischer enough for his zealous representation on my behalf”