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Real estate has historically been among the most valuable assets because it is finite and unique. No two pieces of land are the same, and there is only so much land that can be developed in Colorado. When a conflict arises concerning a piece of real estate you should consult with an experienced real estate attorney who can advise you on your rights and remedies.

The lawyers of Fischer Law Group are not only familiar with Colorado real estate law, but they also know the geography, history and culture of the area. A native of the area, attorney Erik G. Fischer is intimately familiar with Fort Collins and the surrounding communities. If you have questions or concerns about a real estate or construction dispute, contact our offices today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.

Erik G. Fischer is not only an experienced real estate attorney, he is also a licensed real estate broker who owns a company that specializes in development and residential construction. He uses this practical knowledge to help our clients with their real estate issues and construction concerns. He believes that a hands-on approach is the best way to serve the needs of our clients.

Our firm also has extensive experience representing mortgage brokers and real estate agents who are involved in lawsuits. We are well-versed in the Colorado statutes governing the conduct of mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers, and our priority is to help our clients protect both their licenses and their reputations in the community.

Our real estate and construction litigation practice includes water law issues, agricultural law, land use and zoning, breach of contract, enforcement and defense of mechanic’s and materialmen’s liens, commercial construction defect claims, and other disputes. We routinely represent landowners, buyers, sellers, developers, general contractors and subcontractors who are initiating litigation or who need effective defense counsel for lawsuits that have been served on them.

We also help residents and developers navigate homeowner association disputes. We routinely help settle disputes involving the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA), which deals with the rights and duties of homeowner associations.

Whether you are involved in a dispute over a purchase or sale of real estate, a foreclosure, an eviction, a 1031 tax-free exchange or are the landlord in a landlord-tenant issue, we can help you. We are equipped to handle all types of real estate and construction litigation from start to finish.

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