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If you are involved in an argument that causes someone to call the police and allege domestic violence, someone will be arrested. If you are the one leaving in the back of a police car, you need to take immediate steps in securing aggressive legal representation.

At Fischer Law Group in Fort Collins, we understand what is at stake when our clients are facing allegations of domestic violence. The impact of a false accusation can have consequences beyond fines and a jail sentence.

Do not try to resolve an emotionally charged and legally complex criminal matter on your own. Conviction can affect both your personal life and professional career. For immediate help, contact us at 970-482-4710 or toll free at 888-881-7570 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Spouse Abuse Attorneys Getting to the Facts

Rife with personal issues, domestic violence cases require a criminal law attorney who will get to the facts. Clients come to us because sheer hysteria led to an allegation. Some were only defending themselves from an assault. Now, they face a permanent ban on owning a firearm and possible loss of their job.

While you need an attorney with experience and legal knowledge, insight into the prosecution is an invaluable strength as well. Attorney Erik Fischer is a former Deputy District Attorney for the City and County of Denver, Colorado. During his time as a prosecutor, he handled various criminal cases, including those that involved domestic violence. Our founder knows the tactics and strategies used by prosecutors in criminal courts.

As a criminal defense attorney who has litigated over 200 trials, Mr. Fischer has earned a reputation for toughness and talent while maintaining high standards of ethics.

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