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Do Not Let Sex Crime Charges Ruin Your Life

The sexual assault laws in this country are extremely strict and people convicted of sex offenses face the harshest sentences in our legal system. In fact, there are very few topics anywhere as charged as this one.

At Fischer Law Group, we respect the delicate nature of these charges and are sensitive to the implications they have for our clients. We also understand the extreme importance of handling these matters as discreetly as possible.

Northern Colorado Sexual Assault Defense Lawyers

We provide experienced and skilled legal representation to individuals charged with sex crimes throughout the Front Range area of northern Colorado. Our sexual assault lawyers are fully committed to the ideal that every defendant, no matter what he or she is charged with, has the right to an attorney who will zealously advocate for him or her in court.

We handle charges such as:

We are well-versed in fighting false accusations.

Sexual offenders in Colorado who are convicted in cases like these face a mandatory five years of intensive supervision probation upon their release from prison. In addition, offenders 17 and older must register with their local authorities as sex offenders for a minimum of 10 years.

Members of our firm have previous experience prosecuting these cases and can provide valuable insight and expertise on how best to handle your defense. And combined, we can offer you the experience we have had in handling hundreds of jury and bench trials, as well as more than 50 years in the practice of criminal defense.

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