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Holding Negligent Truckers Accountable For Accidents

The physics of a trucking accident are simple. The size and weight of a semi tractor-trailer colliding with your car will have devastating and oftentimes tragic consequences. Many Colorado residents face daily dangers in sharing the road with inattentive or impaired truck drivers. Danger is around every turn and is sometimes unavoidable.

At Fischer Law Group in Fort Collins, we combine our experience and aggressive approach with a track record that is largely unmatched. Insurance companies know the name of our firm and our attorney, Erik Fischer. They know of our accomplishments in securing verdicts for plaintiffs never below the final settlement offer. They are well-aware that our personal injury lawyers have achieved 100 percent findings for their plaintiff clients.

Put that success to work for you following a serious trucking accident.

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Aggressive Truck Crash Injury Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

Commercial and farm truck drivers are simply not as careful as they used to be. Training is lacking and driving is done at a higher rate of speed. Technology has created far more harm than good in distracting drivers. A poorly loaded truck shifts weight. A lack of maintenance results in mechanical failure. Any or all of these circumstances can have devastating and fatal consequences.

Our job is to team with accident reconstructionists to re-enact your truck crash. Private investigators work for us in getting vital information from data boxes and multiple logbooks. Former law enforcement personnel provide the insight you need in your personal injury claim.

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