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Getting the payments you deserve from your insurance company can be frustrating. Insurance companies stall for months-or even years-and they often have to be forced into writing checks. At the Fischer Law Group, we have extensive experience in forcing insurance companies to pay what’s owed. As a result, our clients have recovered millions of dollars from insurance companies that initially denied payment.

No matter the type of insurance dispute, we can help. We’ve assisted injured motorists collect on their Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM/UIM Coverage); we’ve helped homeowners who had their homes destroyed or damaged in the High Park Fire; and we’ve forced health insurance companies pay for treatment they denied.

In Colorado, insurance companies that engage in bad faith by delaying or denying benefits can be forced to pay what’s owed, plus double the covered benefit and attorneys’ fees. Call us today if you are having trouble collecting from your insurance company.

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