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Criminal Defense

What To Do If You Are Pulled Over for DUI

The initial shock of a police car’s flashing lights creates fear and confusion. You are not at your best in making vital decisions. A police officer pulling you over for suspicion of drunk driving begins a process where he or… Read more

Internet Restrictions for Ex-Offenders May Go Too Far

Controversy swirls over restricting the use of social media by people who have been convicted of a sex offense. Some who believe that all people who have been convicted of a sex crime are likely to repeat their crimes argue… Read more

Case may clarify GPS tracking appeals

In 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court decided U.S. v. Jones, a case involving the warrantless installation and use of a Global Positioning System tracking device on a suspect’s vehicle. In a majority opinion written by Justice Scalia, the Court held… Read more

Summer means more DUI stops in Colorado, know the true cost of a ticket

MSN Money recently completed an investigation on the true cost of a driving under the influence ticket. Their final estimation: a DUI can cost a driver well over $10,000. The report came up with this estimate by taking into account… Read more

Plan Ahead: Colorado Cracks Down on Drunk Driving

What do Thanksgiving, the winter holiday season and Super Bowl Sunday have in common? While this might sound like the beginning of a joke, there is a much more serious theme running through each of these events: increased drinking and… Read more

Colorado DUI laws set to become significantly tougher in 2014

Beginning January 1, those arrested in Colorado for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) will face a harsher reality if they elect to refuse alcohol testing such as breathalyzers and blood tests. The impact of these law changes will… Read more

Conviction for burglary tool possession reversed due to jury instruction

Under the federal Constitution, the prosecution must establish each element of a charged crime beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict an individual. If the prosecution fails in this task, a conviction may be reversed. The Colorado Court of… Read more

As legal marijuana hits Colorado storefronts, beware of “pot DUI”

In Colorado, as in the rest of the nation, driving under the influence of alcohol is a pervasive criminal charge. In fact, hundreds of Colorado drivers were arrested over the recent New Year’s holiday for drunk driving in a massive… Read more

Colorado police prepare to recognize those driving while high

On January 1 of this year, the recreational use of marijuana became legal in the state of Colorado. This does not mean, however, that it is legal to use marijuana in every circumstance. Indeed, similar to alcohol, those who use… Read more

Colorado sex offender program to change monitoring protocols?

Many communities have a strong opposition to convicted sex offenders moving in after they have completed their prison sentences. They are worried that they offenders may have a propensity to reoffend, making it very difficult for these individuals to rejoin… Read more