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What To Do If You Are Pulled Over for DUI

The initial shock of a police car’s flashing lights creates fear and confusion. You are not at your best in making vital decisions. A police officer pulling you over for suspicion of drunk driving begins a process where he or she must do everything within the law and your rights. It also provides you certain options that you may not know you have.

The attorneys at Fischer Law Group, understand the anxiety of a drunk driving allegation and the tests that result from it. Our job is not only to provide aggressive representation, but also educate our clients on what to do and what not to do.

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DUI Arrest Attorneys Educating You and Protecting Your Rights

Simply put, while you should be cooperative with the officer, you do not have to admit to anything. You have no obligation to admit consumption of any amount of alcohol. You do not have to submit to a roadside sobriety test. While you can refuse a blood or breath test, consequences exist for that decision, specifically the suspension of your license for one year.

In our experience, we find that blood tests are more accurate than breath tests done with equipment not properly calibrated or maintained. Blood samples can be retested at an independent laboratory. Our recommendation to you is to insist on the blood test. In addition, you want to request the use of video cameras installed in police cars to document the arrest.

Know your rights. You do not have to subject yourself to a bullying police officer during a DUI arrest. They want information to convict you, not help you.

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