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If you’ve been accused of a crime, chances are you’re worried about being convicted and have many questions. But your arrest does NOT mean a conviction is inevitable, especially when you have a seasoned criminal defense attorney representing you throughout the legal process.

Attorney Erik Fischer has conducted over 300 jury trials and earned numerous not-guilty verdicts for his clients while earning a reputation as one of the toughest, most aggressive, criminal defense attorneys in Colorado. His trial record shows a success rate of over 95%.

What are the benefits of hiring a criminal defense attorney?

When you’ve been charged with a crime, you must get help right away. The advantages of having a criminal defense attorney in your corner are immense:

  • A criminal conviction is forever—a defense attorney who is intimately familiar with the Fort Collins/Larimer County court system (process, judges, district attorneys, law enforcement officers) will ensure a positive or reasonable outcome for you. We may even be able to get you acquitted, or your case dismissed.
  • You’ll never be in court without someone who’s on your side, at your side.
  • You’ll get clear, fast answers to all your questions—we are never more than a phone call away.
  • You’ll be well equipped, right from the start, with a solid understanding of your circumstances, all your options, and the knowledge you need to make sound decisions: we’ll explain exactly how we’ll attack the charges against you, and what defenses and constitutional rights you have that might get your charges dismissed, or result in you being found not guilty.
  • You don’t have to do anything yourself—we do it all for you.

Why hire Fischer Law Group for my defense?

  • We have formed trusting, enduring relationships with the people you will encounter in the justice system during the course of your case and have intimate knowledge of the strategies and practices unique to each jurisdiction in Larimer County and surrounds—these are advantages that can play a deciding role in a positive outcome for your case.
  • We are often able to get critical information by interviewing witnesses, sometimes before they are questioned by the police.
  • We will intervene with the judge or district attorney on your behalf at any time we believe it will benefit you. Erik never shies away from the courtroom, thus never limiting your options.
  • Erik has a unique grasp of your criminal defense—he understands it from both sides. As a former Denver Deputy District Attorney, Erik Fischer knows how prosecutors litigate cases and negotiate plea bargains. So, he brings this experience from both sides of the Colorado courtroom to get you the best possible outcome for your specific set of facts. On your behalf, he will take on any law enforcement department or prosecutor to guarantee that your constitutional rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law.
  • We promise you tireless defense until your criminal case is resolved. Whether the charges are your first DUI or something extremely serious, we will handle each case with the same intensity and diligence as all our cases because we know how important the outcome is to you.
  • Guiding you and representing your best interests is our job, and it’s one we do very well.

Going to trial? Get better jury selection for your criminal defense

In some criminal cases going to trial is unavoidable. Erik Fischer is a master at picking the correct jurors for any particular type of criminal case. Apt jury selection gives you the best possible chance at a not-guilty verdict.

Get a dedicated criminal defense attorney representing you right away

At Fischer Law Group, we always fight for your rights and get you the best results possible regardless of the charge.

Far too much is at stake to place your life in the hands of an attorney who is quick to plea bargain or unwilling to fight for you in court. Call 970-482-4710 and ask for a FREE CONSULTATION, or complete a contact request.

“… Mr. Fischer fought tirelessly on my behalf and after numerous hearings and rehearings, was able to force the District Attorney to dismiss all claims against me. …”

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Our practice of criminal defense specializes in the following areas:

  • Assault offenses, including both felony or misdemeanor assault or harassment
  • Child abuse or crimes against children including alleged sex offenses
  • Domestic violence, felony or misdemeanor and all related restraining order or domestic matters
  • Drug offenses, including all illicit drugs and prescription fraud
  • DUI/DUID: drunk driving, or driving while under the influence of drugs, including first or repeat offender and felony representation
  • Homicide, including vehicular homicide and all other violent criminal offenses
  • Sex offenses, including all internet pornography, prostitution, or like offenses
  • Theft or embezzlement, including business fraud or other white-collar crimes

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