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Help After A Farming Or Ranch Accident

Erik Fischer was born and raised on a ranch. He combines that background and insight with an aggressive approach in securing compensation for his clients injured in ranching and farming accidents. Physical health and futures are at stake. Promising careers, ranch or farm ownership, and life itself can come to a tragic end.

If you have suffered a back or spine injury in a ranching or farming accident or witnessed the death of a hardworking loved one, contact us for a free consultation at 970-482-4710 or toll free at 888-881-7570.

Farming Equipment Injury Attorneys Dedicated to Your Family

Fischer Law Group in Fort Collins is a well-known personal injury law firm among high-profile insurance companies. Founder Erik Fischer possesses a track record of success that is largely unmatched by any other peer personal injury attorney. Not only have the verdicts for plaintiffs been equal to or higher than the final settlement offer, but all findings have been against defendants at every trial.

Poorly maintained roads, equipment malfunctions or tractor accidents can lead to serious injuries at area farms or ranches. Clients come to us suffering broken bones, back injuries or spinal cord trauma. More complex personal injury cases involve loved ones who suffered paralysis, brain damage or death.

As a Colorado rancher or farmer, you know that the standards of safety must remain high on your property. The use of heavy equipment requires not only proper use, but also ongoing maintenance. Yet, in spite of your best efforts, accidents happen. Accidents that change your life. Accidents that demand justice in the form of compensation.

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