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If You Have Been Charged With DUI Again

The consequences of one DUI conviction are serious. Fines, increased insurance rates, or possible jail time or driver’s license suspension are often the result. Two or more DUI convictions can have devastating and life-changing results for repeat offenders. You need immediate and aggressive representation from an attorney who does not shy away from a courtroom fight.

If you have been arrested for a second or third DUI, secure the diligent representation you need. Contact us at 970-482-4710 or toll free at 888-881-7570. Free consultation.

Erik Fischer — the founder of our Fort Collins law firm — will take on police officers and prosecutors on your behalf. As a veteran of over 200 criminal trials and former Deputy District Attorney for the City and County of Denver, Colorado, he knows what is at stake. He knows the tactics and strategies of prosecutors.

You need a dedicated advocate who possesses that unique point of view. You need a criminal defense lawyer who will fight to protect your rights when so much is at stake.

The Need for Aggressive Greeley Repeat DUI Arrest Attorneys

At Fischer Law Group, we know what our clients face for multiple DUI offenses. In July of 2010, the Colorado legislature mandated minimum jail sentences of 10 days for second-DUI offenses and 90 days for a third drunk driving conviction.

With your future in question following the serious criminal charge, we conduct a detailed investigation. We identify if the arresting officer had reasonable suspicion of criminal contact in pulling you over. From there, we look at the testing methods and results to identify any violation of your rights that will help in getting evidence suppressed.

Do not give up. A second or third DUI arrest does not mean jail time is imminent.

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