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Charged With Internet Luring?

The accusation of Internet luring alone has serious consequences. Any media coverage will cause area residents, friends and even some family members to presume guilt. Online sex crimes are complicated and require the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The results of a conviction can last a lifetime with the prospect of sex offender registration.

Do not hesitate in contacting an attorney to protect your rights. At Fischer Law Group in Fort Collins, we will stay by your side throughout the entire process and ensure a fact-based approach to your case amidst all the hysteria.

Take action now and schedule a free consultation. Resist the urge to plea bargain on your own. Avoiding embarrassment is nearly impossible. Avoiding harsh criminal penalties requires the help of a criminal defense lawyer. Contact us at 970-482-4710 or toll free at 888-881-7570.

Advocating for Colorado Residents Charged With Internet Luring of a Child

The legal definition of luring is clear in the state of Colorado. Any sexually charged communications by an adult with someone who portrays himself or herself as a 15-year old and younger or more than four years younger than the accused can result in felony criminal charges. We have represented clients who were online chatting with a police officer monitoring supposedly “over-18” chat rooms and posing as a minor.

If you are facing Internet luring charges, you need an experienced sex crime defense attorney who was once a Deputy District Attorney for the City and County of Denver, Colorado. Erik Fischer — the founder of our law firm — litigated criminal cases as a prosecutor. He knows how cases are built and the tactics and strategies the opposing side uses in the courtroom. He is not afraid to go up against prosecutors and police officers if your rights have been violated.

Take immediate action following false allegations that led to an arrest. We can help you overcome the odds you face with not only law enforcement, but also the court of public opinion.

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